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Audio Tapes and Compact Discs

  • Clinical Instructions for Applied Psychophysiology: Deep Relaxation Practice: Ken Fine, Ph.D. & Robert Fels, Psy.D. $15.00 CD or Cassette
  • To hear to a clip of Sleep and Relaxation Practice included in the above click the player.
  • Change the Channel on Pain: Emmet Miller, M.D., $12.00 Cassette
  • Letting Go of Stress: Emmet Miller,M.D., Steven Halpern, Ph.D. $10.00 Cassette
  • Rainbow Butterfly: Emmet Miller, M.D. and Georgia Kelly, $12.00 Cassette
  • River of Life: Kurt Van Sickle, $15.00 CD
  • Sky of Mind: Ray Lynch, $17.00 CD
  • The Fairy Ring: Mike Rowland, $16.00 CD

Customized Application Software for the J&J I330. Applied Psychophysiological Protocols designed for your individualized needs.

  • Psychophysiological Stress Profile: Robert Fels, Psy.D. $100.00
  • Practical Biofeedback Sessions including relaxation, desensitization and symmetry: Robert Fels, Psy.D. $200.00
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